Our Commercial Roof Services

At CentiMark, we recognize that every commercial roof faces specific industry-driven challenges and environmental factors. That's why we offer a tailored approach to roof service and maintenance, focusing on proactive strategies and personalized solutions that meet your custom needs. From routine inspections and repairs to preventive maintenance programs and emergency response, we have you covered at every step.

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Roof Inspections and Evaluations

Are you having an issue with your commercial roof or find yourself unsure of its condition? Schedule a comprehensive roof inspection to determine if you require any roof repairs, upcoming maintenance or replacement.
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Know your roof's condition
Plan your roofing budget
Be storm-ready
Simplify insurance claims
Recommended every 6 months
Recommended after severe weather
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Reroofing & Replacement

Is your roof in need of a little more than repairs and maintenance? If so, you may require reroofing services. Replacing your roof will help get your building back to being watertight and safe for everyone.
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Customized solutions
Single Source Warranty
Highest safety ratings in the industry
55+ years of expertise
Nationwide coverage
Proven track record
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New Construction Roofing

Are you searching for a commercial roofing partner to install a roof for a new construction project? From state-of-the-art data centers to extensive manufacturing, food production and distribution facilities, CentiMark’s DataCon division provides premium roofing solutions for large new construction projects.
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Best in the industry warranties
High safety standards
Unparalleled quality
Strong partnerships with manufacturers
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Roof Repairs

Are roofing issues causing headaches for your company? If that's the case, look no further than our professional commercial roof repair services. We’ll get your building watertight with solutions to repair leaks and roof damage safely and efficiently.
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Roof leaks repair
Eliminate standing or ponding water
Wind damage and roof blow-offs
Punctures or cracking
Membrane deterioration
Industry-related damage
roof damaged by storm

Emergency Roof Repair

Dealing with a commercial roof emergency that requires immediate repair? We’ve got you covered 24/7/365. Partner with a commercial roofing contractor that will take care of your roof, protect your employees and your company’s assets with emergency leak and repair service.
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Storm or hurricane damage
Leaks affecting operations
24/7/365 service
Over 300 crews nationwide
Satellite communication capabilities
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Preventative Maintenance Program

With our comprehensive preventative maintenance program, we meticulously assess your roof to detect any damages or potential issues. Based on our findings, we offer expert recommendations for repairs or replacements that align with your budgetary considerations. Our goal is to optimize your spending while equipping you with a clear understanding of your roof's condition.
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Maximize the overall service life
Customized for your needs
Over 50 item checklist
Required for certain warranties
Prevent costly repairs
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Roof Cleaning

Looking to extend the life and enhance the performance of your commercial roof system? Regular roof cleaning can be an effective solution. By prioritizing roof cleanliness, you can significantly improve its functionality, boost energy efficiency and achieve a visually impressive appearance.
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General housekeeping
Enhanced roof reflectivity
Deep clean
Catch issues early
Post-cleaning treatment
snow on flat roof

Rooftop Snow Removal

Our skilled crews specialize in safely removing ice and snow from commercial roofs. Not only will we clear your roof diligently, but we will also thoroughly inspect your roof, drains, vents and gutters to ensure there isn't any potentail issues.
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Remove pressure from your roof assembly
Prevent ice dams
Protect roof projections
Avert safety issues
Avoid property damage
Freeze and thaw cycles
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Roof Evaluation Tools

Are you looking to easily manage your roof? Do so with our commercial roof evaluation programs which include an Asset Alert and Portfolio Management Program that offer access to an easily to use online customer portal.
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Know your roof
Access from anywhere
Multiple roof management
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Customer Service

When you partner with CentiMark for your nationwide roofing needs, you gain a valuable advantage - our dedicated and centralized customer service team. With just one call, we streamline the process, providing you with a hassle-free experience.
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Single point of contact
24/7/365 emergency service
Customized service programs

Need Commercial Roof Services?

Our team of dedicated roofing professionals is just a message away! Let's evaluate your current roof condition, your needs and building functions and discover the most optimal commercial roofing solution for your needs. 

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