Roof Cleaning

Regular cleaning of your commercial roof helps ensure you get the maximum benefit. A dirty roof can lead to various problems, such as drainage issues, a reduction in energy efficiency and even unwanted vegetation growth. Properly cleaning and maintaining your roof without damaging the roof system will maximize its value and extend the life of your roof.

Our Roof Cleaning Process

CentiMark utilizes a 3-Step process to clean your commercial or industrial roof effectively. Our process involves power washing, scrubbing and using an environmentally friendly, high pH non-abrasive cleaner to help keep your roof in excellent condition.
commercial roofer pressure washing a TPO roof
pressure washed TPO roof by Centimark
roofer pressure washing a flat roof
commercial roofing pressure washing before and after by CentiMark

  1. STEP 1: General Housekeeping - Removal of dirt and debris from your roof using a unique environmentally-friendly solution that will break down mold, dirt and algae.
  3. STEP 2: Deep Clean - Pressure wash with a high-temperature, flat surface pressure washer to rinse away all contaminants.
  5. STEP 3: Post-Cleaning Treatment - A sustainable, environmentally-friendly treatment that extends the cleanliness of the roof.

When to Clean Your Roof

We recommend at least one cleaning of your roof each spring and fall for maximum benefit and to extend the life and efficiency of your roof system. We also often recommend roof cleanings as a component of our preventative maintenance program.
flat roof in a process of cleaning by CentiMark crews

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Benefits of Commercial Roof Cleaning

Enhanced roof reflectivity and energy efficiency

Enhanced roof reflectivity and energy efficiency

Maintain the energy efficiency of your roof by maximizing its UV and heat reflectivity. Debris, algae and vegetation may adsorb the UV and start warming up the surface.
Ability to identify potential problem areas or damage

Ability to identify potential problem areas or damage

During a roof cleaning, our specialists can visually inspect your roof's condition and identify issues that could've gone unnoticed before. Repairing minor damage early will prevent it from escalating and causing higher service bills.
Improved aesthetics

Improved aesthetics

Enhance the visual appeal of your facility's roof by keeping it clean from debris and vegetation growth. 

Why You Should Select CentiMark As Your Roof Cleaning Contractor

Partner with a name you can trust. Rest easy knowing that your CentiMark crew will go above and beyond to make sure your roof is in excellent condition. When we perform commercial roof cleaning, we'll ensure nothing is overlooked and the job is done thoroughly and correctly. Get the full benefit from your roof and make it look great with roof cleaning.

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