Cool Roof Systems for Commercial Buildings

Finding ways to reduce your utility costs and protect the environment can be a challenging process. Cool roofs are one way to lower the cost of cooling your commercial buildings and reduce your use of energy. The U.S. Department of Energy recommends the use of cool roofs to reflect rather than absorb heat, which can keep indoor temperatures much more comfortable for your staff members and customers. Here are some of the basics of cool roof systems from the experts at CentiMark.

What Are Cool Roofs?

Cool roofs are designed to reflect the sun's rays more efficiently and reduce absorption of heat. In general, roofs that are darker in color will absorb more heat than those with lighter colors. CentiMark can install industrial cool roof systems that are highly reflective and that protect against the buildup of heat inside facilities. Commercial cool roof installations can be achieved in three primary ways:

drone image of a flat white roof with skylights
Skylight on a commercial roof
garden roof
white flat roof

  • White or reflective roofs are naturally cool.
  • Coatings can be applied to roofs to increase their reflectiveness and to reduce the amount of heat absorbed through shingles, tiles and other roofing materials.
  • Green roofs are designed to reduce the absorption of heat by creating an organic barrier of vegetation between outside air and the commercial roof.

Each of these types of roofs can provide added help in managing indoor temperatures during the hottest days of summer. This can also lower cooling costs for commercial buildings.

Urban Heat Island Phenomenon

Cool roof systems can help combat the urban heat island phenomenon. To explain, the urban heat island effect is when severe temperature increases are observed in city centers. These urbanized areas, known as heat islands, experience higher temperatures than the surrounding areas because buildings and roads absorb and re-emit the sun’s heat more than natural areas. This dome of heat then creates an unhealthy environment of polluted air and smog. To help reduce this effect in urban areas, it is important to install a proper roofing system such as a cool roof system.

air pollution over a big city infographics showing urban heat effect
white flat roof
white roof with skylight
white reflective roof on commercial building

Cool Roof Technologies

Solar reflectance and thermal emittance are at the heart of nearly all cool roof technology. These terms refer respectively to the ability of roofing materials to reflect solar light and heat away from their surfaces and to the ability to release heat effectively after it has been absorbed. Combined, these two characteristics of cool roofs account for their ability to maintain cooler temperatures inside your commercial buildings.


Benefits of Cool Roofs

Energy savings

Energy savings

Reduced energy use thanks to lower requirements for air conditioning.


Improved indoor comfort for your staff, customers and visitors.
Longer Roof Life

Longer Roof Life

Extended longevity for your entire roof installation due to less heat consumed during hot, sunny days.


The potential for rebates from some government or utility programs.
Urban Heat Island Effect

Urban Heat Island Effect

A reduction of the urban heat island effect, which is caused by replacing natural vegetation and ground cover with heat-absorbing materials used to build roads and other man-made objects.

Customizing a Cool Roof with CentiMark

Commercial cool roofs can be customized in several ways, including the choice of products, materials, the color and the installation method. CentiMark can work with you to determine the best possible design and installation plan for your new cool roof. This can help you to proceed with greater confidence when planning for this upgrade to your commercial building. 

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