Snow Removal and Monitoring for Commercial Roofs

Winter can bring a variety of challenges to your commercial or industrial roof. From thermal shock and freezing temperatures to snow and ice accumulation, your facility's roof may face a lot during the cold season. How can you manage the snow levels and keep your roof and building fully operational during the winter months? Just give us a call and our experienced crews will take it from there.

Safe, Professional Snow Removal Services

With a CentiMark customized rooftop snow removal plan, our experienced snow removal teams can help you properly prepare and react to winter storms. Our roofing crews are available before, during and after snow accumulation to complete any needed repairs, safely remove any snow from your roof and protect your facility, employees and assets.

commercial roof covered in snow in process of snow removal by CentiMark
warehouse roof under snow
crew removing snow from a metal roof
snow removal and monitoring performed by CentiMark

Rooftop Snow Monitoring

Take the guesswork out of snow removal by monitoring the snow load on your commercial roof.

Struggling to keep an eye on mounting snow levels across your roof? No need to worry! CentiMark's Snow Monitoring System tracks rooftop snow for you — so you can stay one step ahead of the game. Monitor data from anywhere, anytime with a computer or mobile device and get peace of mind because when weight limits are reached, CentiMark crews are dispatched.

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The Importance of Removing Snow from the Roofs of Commercial Buildings

The accumulation of snow can wreak havoc on your commercial or industrial roof. Here are a few benefits of snow monitoring and removal:

snow accumulation on flat roof

Avoid additional pressure on your roof assembly

One inch of wet, dense snow equals to 17.90kg/m2 (1.66 lbs/sq.ft). Heavy snowfall may result in a lot of extra weight on top of your roof. That mass is more likely to be unevenly distributed due to snowdrifts, roof projections or architectural elements. At some point the weight capacity of your roof may be stretched to the limit and your roof may start sagging and even collapse.
roofers removing snow and ice from commercial roof

Minimize the impact of freeze and thaw cycles

Fluctuation in outside temperatures combined with your building's warmth may cause snow and ice on your roof to thaw and freeze repeatedly. This process may cause gradual deterioration of your roof surface due to water seeping into tiny cracks or weak points in the roof and then expanding once the temperature drops below freezing.
ice forming on roof edge

Prevent ice dams

Ridges of ice may form on your roof due to melting and refreezing. Those ice dams inhibit proper drainage of your roof and contribute to uneven weight distribution, generating a perfect storm for water intrusion.
snow around HVAC unit on top of roof

Protect roof projections

Excessive snow and ice on your commercial roof may block access to HVAC units, exhaust vents and other essential features.
ice on commercial roof posing danger for pedestrians and cars below

Avert safety issues and property damage

As we mentioned, dense snow and ice on your roof can get really heavy. When that weight falls from your roof unmanaged, it may cause severe injuries and damage below. It also poses slip and fall hazards for anyone accessing your facility's roof.

How Does Snow Monitoring Work

STEP 1: Plan
Your CentiMark representative will work with you to determine the needs of your building. This includes the number of snow monitors needed, the installation location and the snowfall history of your particular area.

STEP 2: Install
We will then install solar-powered, non-penetrating monitors to your roof safely and efficiently.

snow monitoring devices on a commercial flat roof
snow monitoring device by CentiMark
snow monitoring in action
Anne removing snow

STEP 3: Monitor
The monitors are then ready to begin working immediately. The snow load on your roof will be monitored 24/7.

STEP 4: Alert
If the snow load approaches load-bearing capacity, you will be alerted along with our CentiMark snow removal crews. This provides you with quick response times and seamless communication.

STEP 5: Act
Our emergency service crew will be dispatched to remove the snow from your roof safely and professionally when and where you need it the most.

Why You Should Select CentiMark for Your Rooftop Snow Removal Needs

Know that you can trust us with your snow removal needs. With over 55+ years of experience, we have the knowledge and know-how to get up on your roof and remove the snow safely and properly without causing damage to your roof. 24/7/365, CentiMark will be there to handle the effects of winter weather on your roof.

Snow Removal Waiver

Get ahead of the weather this winter by getting on our snow removal list in advance. All you have to do is read, sign and return our Snow Removal Waiver to be at the top of our list for priority snow removal.

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