Commercial Floor Resurfacers

Resurfacers are pivotal in rejuvenating worn or damaged concrete floors in commercial environments. This solution proves indispensable for extending the lifespan of floors subjected to daily wear and tear in busy commercial settings.

Why Resurface Your Facility's Floors?

Resurfacing proves to be an effective method for smoothing extensive floor areas, creating a robust, seamless surface capable of withstanding frequent cleaning, chemical exposure and thermal shock. Enhancing the resurfaced floor with a urethane sealer or top coat further boosts chemical resistance, ease of cleaning and light reflectivity.
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The outcome is a resilient and fortified floor surface that significantly extends the service life of high-traffic floors. This versatile solution finds applications in various industries, including areas with forklift and steel wheel traffic, machine zones, loading docks, plating, pickling and anodizing lines, cold storage facilities, pharmaceutical settings, secondary containment areas, the food and dairy industry as well as paper and pulp environments.

Benefits of Resurfacers



Floor resurfacers comply with OHSA regulations for low odour, prioritizing a safe and comfortable workplace environment in accordance with Canadian standards.


Whether it's heavy foot or vehicular traffic, chemical exposure or extreme temperatures, you can rely on your floors to withstand the pressure of your everyday operations.
Thermal shock

Thermal shock

Designed to withstand thermal shock, these solutions are perfect for environments where extreme temperature differentials are standard. For example, when it comes to food production or cold storage.


Resurfacers exhibit remarkable versatility, seamlessly adhering to surfaces like concrete, brick, metal and wood. This adaptability makes them a valuable and flexible solution for diverse flooring challenges.


When you purchase a floor system, you are buying into your flooring contractor. A warranty covering your project will give you the peace of mind your floors will be protected throughout their useful life. CentiMark Ltd. offers a Single Source gloss and dust proof warranty covering all material, labour and tooling used to maintain your commercial floors. All of our warranties provide guaranteed gloss readings and dust resistance, on-site training of customer’s maintenance personnel, maintenance guidelines and 24/7 customer service with direct call access. Based on your project and needs, we will customize a warranty to fit your needs covering you for 10, 15 or 20 years. Learn More >>

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