Commercial Roof Coatings

Roof coatings are a quick, cost-effective way to restore and waterproof your existing roof installation, and they protect your roof from more than just water.

What are Roof Coatings?

Roof coatings are liquefied polymers applied to protect and extend the life of a roof system. They are often used to prevent water intrusion when other solutions may interrupt normal business operations. Similar to SPF roof systems, they can be used on odd-shaped roofs and in hard-to-reach areas. This method allows you to restore your roof, postpone a costly replacement and address various roofing concerns.

silicone roof coating example - warehouse
roof coating example showing works around HVAC units
commercial roof coating over a metal roof by CentiMark
roof coating on a commercial building by centimark

Commercial Roof Coating Costs

The roof coating cost will depend on the type of polymer you use. However, you are improving your existing roof installation instead of replacing it, bringing significant savings into your budget.

Benefits of Roof Coatings

High UV stability

High UV stability

Roof coatings will give your roof a brand-new look that will last for a long time.
The improved energy efficiency of your building

The improved energy efficiency of your building

Commercial roof coatings are highly reflective and will help your roof (and your facility!) to stay cooler.
Fast, straightforward installation

Fast, straightforward installation

Roof coatings do not require expensive equipment and will not impact your business operations.
Extend the life of your existing roof

Extend the life of your existing roof

Applied properly, a commercial roof coating may extend the lifespan of your roof by up to 10 years. Applying a commercial roof coating will eliminate the need for tear-off and waste, lowering the overall enviromental impact of the project.
Corporate branding

Corporate branding

You can create your own custom color and match your roof to your brand standards by adding your company logo to your roof. 
Total flexibility in waterproofing of your existing roof

Total flexibility in waterproofing of your existing roof

Seamless application that accommodates nonuniform roof surfaces and seals cracks and splits on the roof surface. Coatings allow you to eliminate weak points quickly and provide a smooth surface to help with eliminating ponding water during storms.

Types of Commercial Roof Coatings


Durable, reliable and easy to apply. Silicone commercial roof coatings are a premium waterproofing product with UV, bio growth and fire resistance. They are fast-drying and can be used in humid environments. Silicone coatings are very flexible and will comply with your roof's expansion and contraction during temperature shifts.


Versatile and highly resistant to chemicals, impact and abrasion. They are ideal for harsh environments or manufacturing processes involving chemicals. Urethane coatings can be used on vertical and horizontal primed concrete, steel, iron, wood, fiberglass and polyurethane foam surfaces.


These types of commercial roof coatings are highly reflective and will protect your roof from UV damage while cutting your energy bills. These coatings can be applied to bitumen-based roofs and certain metal roof applications.


Acrylic roof coatings cure to form a durable, continuous elastomeric membrane over the surface of your roof. Once applied, they form a seamless, watertight seal over the entire roof, including around vents, flashings and projections. Our CentiSeal product is a self-flashing, lightweight acrylic roof coating that provides a continuous membrane while sealing seams and eliminating leaks. This coating is energy efficient and environmentally friendly, as well as being highly reflective and contains no VOCs. Durable with excellent weathering capabilities, this advanced liquid-applied system restores roofs and can eliminate minor roof problems. Advanced acrylic coatings may also contain a biocide that prevents algae and mildew growth.


Are known for their reflectivity, weather resistance, color stability, algae resistance and tough, enamel-like finish. This translates into potential savings in energy bills and minimal maintenance costs to property owners.

Roof Coating Installation Process

A properly applied commercial roof coating will keep your roof watertight for years. But what is "properly applied"? The prep work includes a thorough roof cleaning to ensure maximum adhesion and air-tight results. Roof coatings will be able to seal all cracks and imperfections on your roof, but any debris or dirt blocking that access needs to be removed. Once your roof is ready, the coating of your choice will be applied using spray or roll methods. Drying time will depend on the exact compound formula, but generally, you want to wait 24 hours before walking on your roof.

coatings on roof to waterproof

CentiMark's Roof Coating Projects

before and after applying a roof coating

Grand Junction, CO

Grand Junction Tech Center was experiencing problems with its roof. The roof already had two layers of existing roofing, and Grand Junction Tech Center was looking for another option instead of a full roof replacement. CentiMark created a solution for the customer where a replacement wasn't needed. Instead, CentiMark pressure washed and primed the roof, then wrapped all penetrations with 12" Roofmate fabric and applied a Unisil HS silicone with a three-course application. Then the CentiMark team addressed all seams with 4" fabric and finally installed a single coat of GAF white Unisil High Solid Silicone coating.

Before: EPDM fastened roof with 1" ISO and 5 ply Asphalt

After: 12" Roofmate fabric with a coating of GAF white Unisil High Solid Silicone coating

Square Footage: Over 200,000 square feet

Warranty: CentiMark Single Source 20-year Warranty covering workmanship and material

Why You Should Choose CentiMark as your Commercial Roofing Contractor

The workmanship is more important to a sound roof system than the materials themselves. Our mission is to keep our customers' buildings watertight, protect their properties and employees, all in concert with regular business operations. From inspection and installation to repairs and maintenance, we focus on workmanship and attention to detail, providing you peace of mind with our Single Source Warranty that is backed by a multi-million dollar provision. Our dedicated service and production crews attend mandatory safety and installation training regularly. This means your projects are OSHA compliant and completed by experienced, specialized experts every time.

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