Commercial Roof Repairs

If you're experiencing leaks, water damage or minor deterioration to your roof, choose a commercial roofing contractor you know you can rely on. We'll come out to repair your leaks and address any water damage while ensuring minimal to no disruption to your regular business operations.

Don't Postpone Roof Repairs

The condition of your facility's roof can easily go unnoticed. Unlike other elements of your building, it tends to be out of sight and out of mind. However, even a minor roof leak may have a significant impact on your facility's integrity and disrupt your operations. To prevent small problems from turning into emergencies, it is important to complete all necessary repairs early.
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Several factors can contribute to commercial roof deterioration: age, severe weather events, climate, foot traffic and industry-related factors like chemical exhausts or extreme temperatures. Understanding your specific roofing needs and keeping up with necessary repairs is crucial to extend your roof's lifespan and minimize deterioration.

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Common Commercial Roof Problems We Address

roof leaks on concrete ceiling

Roof leaks

Addressing active leaks as soon as possible minimizes water damage to your facility and roof assembly. A single roof leak may result in mold or inventory and equipment damage. It may also generate safety concerns for your customers and employees.
standing water on a BUR roof

Ponding water

Eliminate standing or ponding water on your roof’s surface. Many times ponding water comes from clogged drains or gutter systems, which prevents the water from properly draining from the roof.
metal roof damaged by wind

Wind damage and roof blow-offs

High-wind events can cause partial or full roof blow-offs. They could also result in the detachment of the roof membrane which may not be visible to the untrained eye. This leads to deterioration of the overall roof assembly.
puncture in roof membrane

Punctures or cracking

When the integrity of your roof's membrane is compromised, water may get through. Minor punctures or cracks caused by debris, foot traffic or equipment on your roof may stay hidden to an untrained eye until there’s visible water damage.
chemical damage to roof membrane around exhausts


Exposure to certain chemicals may deteriorate your roof's surface.
roof membrane deterioration over time

Membrane deterioration and exposed scrim

Particularly in older roofs, wear and tear may lead to membrane deterioration or exposed scrim, which can result in water intrusion and leaks.
failed pipe boot on commercial roof

Damaged or failed flashings

The roof membrane can pull away from rooftop projections where it was flashed allowing water to get through and start an active roof leak. This can be caused by weather events, membrane expansion and contraction from temperature changes or age.
debris clogging roof drain


Foreign objects or other debris on your roof can puncture or tear the roof membrane or clog your drainage system, which will prevent the proper drainage of water from your roof.

Unsure If You Have Any Commercial or Industrial Roof Damage

Schedule a commercial roof inspection if you are unsure whether your commercial or industrial building is experiencing a roof problem. CentiMark can complete a thorough inspection of your roof to verify its condition and identify any damage that needs to be addressed. 

roof inspection checklist

Benefits of a Forensic Commercial Roof Inspection

Having an inspection completed by one of our commercial roof repair specialists allows you to have an updated understanding of the current condition of your roof. Water intrusion and roof damage can often be challenging to detect without proper training and an inspection. A commercial roof inspection includes:



Detailed written assessment

Detailed written assessment

Cost-effective repair or replacement solutions

Cost-effective repair or replacement solutions

Roof repair estimates for insurance claims

Roof repair estimates for insurance claims

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Based on our results, we will determine if any service or roof repairs can be performed and will provide you with recommendations to address your current roofing needs. Plus, we'll work with you to develop a customized budget and timeline for your business based on your individual needs. To learn more, visit our commercial roof inspection page.

Stay Worry-Free with CentiMark

We're dedicated to setting the highest standards in workmanship, materials and safety to deliver the best solutions for all of our customers' needs. When you work with us, we'll see the entire project through from start to finish. We back all of our repairs and will follow up with you to make sure everything is working correctly following the completion of your project.