Steep Slope Roofs for Commercial Buildings

Steep slope roofing usually refers to roofing materials suitable for roofs with slopes of 3:12 or greater. This means for every 12 horizontal inches, the roof's rise is three vertical inches or greater. These are common for historic buildings, unique architectural elements and more.

What is Steep Slope Roofing?

Roof pitch, also known as "slope," describes how many inches your roof rises vertically for every 12" of depth. The roof is considered a steep slope roof when the pitch is 3:12 (14° angle) or greater. 

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Materials suitable for steep slope roofs include asphalt roll roofing as well as asphalt shingles, concrete and clay tiles, wood shakes, slate and metal roofs. Additionally, some modified bitumen, as well as certain adhered single-ply membranes and SPF, can be used in specific steep slope roof applications.

Benefits of Steep Slope Roof Systems

Energy efficiency

Energy efficiency

These types of roofs create natural airflow that helps maintain consistent temperature in your building, allowing to decrease your heating and cooling costs.


Steep slope materials offer aesthetically pleasing styles and colors. These roofs are often used to enhance the overall look of a commercial building. 
Additional space

Additional space

If you require additional storage space or increased ceiling height for your building, steep slope roofs can offer a solution to accommodate those needs within your facility.
Low maintenance

Low maintenance

Due to the natural pull of gravity, debris and water on a sloped surface tend to roll into gutters creating less concern about excessive weight from accumulated debris and standing water. If your area is experiencing heavy snowfalls, steep slopes will help keep snow and ice off your roof.

Steep Slope Roof Installation Process

The installation process depends on the material used in your project. Commercial steep slope roofs typically use asphalt shingles or metal roofing. Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF) can also be used for the refurbishment of existing roofs.

How Much Does a Steep Slope Roof Cost?

A steep slope roof's price will depend on multiple factors, from the material you choose to the time of the year. Due to the increased risk of falling associated with a steep slope roofing installation, roofing crews must implement additional safety measures that will be added to the project's overall cost. However, these costs will be compensated over time due to the lower maintenance expenses associated with steep slope roofs.

Why Choose CentiMark as Your Steep Slope Roofing Contractor

Our commitment to workmanship and a detail-oriented approach sets us apart from the competition. We provide a Single Source Warranty with a multi-million dollar provision so our customers can have peace of mind that their properties, employees and operations are secure. Our roofing teams attend mandatory safety trainings on a regular basis to ensure OSHA compliant projects completed by qualified experts each time - guaranteeing quality steep slope roofs for your building!

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