Roofing Solutions for Property Management and Real Estate

As a property manager, you have a portfolio of facilities to manage. Staying proactive about the condition of your properties' roofs is crucial to maximizing their useful life. Let's work together to keep your portfolio protected.

Commercial Roofing Services for Property Managers

Depending on your property functions, climate and local codes, your roof(s) may face unique challenges. To extend the useful life of every roof under your care, it requires proper maintenance and repairs to keep your properties watertight.

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How To Keep Your Commercial Properties Watertight

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Know Where to Call in Case of a Roof Emergency

The unexpected happens. If a major weather event has impacted your property and you need to conduct emergency repairs, call 855-483-1975 in the US and 800-690-6254 in Canada. Our 24/7 emergency service crews will get your building back to being watertight until permanent repairs or reroofing can be completed. If your buildings were flooded, we can also help with flooring cleanup.
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Stay on Top of Your Roof's Condition with Regular Roof Evaluations

Evaluate the state of your roof(s) at least twice a year and after every significant weather event. This practice will allow you to prevent minor issues from escalating into larger repair bills and extend the life of your asset.
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Perform Regular Preventative Maintenance

Just like many other components of your building, your roof should be properly maintained to stay in its best shape. Constant exposure to the elements, accumulating debris, clogged drainage systems and other factors contribute to your roof's condition. Preventative maintenance is also a requirement under the terms of your warranty. Visit this page for more information.
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Know Your Warranties

Understand what is covered and how to maintain your roof to keep the warranty in good standing.
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Look Into Improving the Energy Efficiency of Your Roof

The state of your commercial roof may directly affect the heating and cooling expenses of the building. There are a number of ways to improve energy consumption, from insulation to photovoltaic installations. A thermal imaging study of your roof is a good starting point to determine where you can improve the efficiency of your current roof assembly.
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Got Snow

Make sure to keep your roof clean. Dense snow on rooftops may cause a number of issues, from leaks to property damage and injuries. Learn more on our Snow Removal page.
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Have a Trusted Partner for Repairs, Replacement, Maintenance, Guidance and Budget Planning

Keeping your roof watertight is crucial for your buildings' safety and property value. Partner with CentiMark, we have a proven track record of successful work with property management companies like yours.

The Importance of Proper Roof Maintenance for Property Managers

Maintaining your roof is crucial to achieving the maximum return on your real estate investment. A single roof leak may cause damage to you and your tenant's property. To stay ahead of the damage, sign up for a preventative maintenance plan with us. We tailor a plan and maintenance schedule to meet your building's exact needs. Staying proactive with commercial roof maintenance programs will extend the life of your roof and delay the need for costly replacements. To learn more, visit our Preventative Maintenance page.

Partnering with CentiMark for Commercial Roof Repair Work on Managed Properties

Taking care of your properties is taking care of your business. Managing multiple commercial roofs at once may get hectic so it's important to have a trusted roofing partner who understands the specific demands of each one of your properties. With over half a century of commercial roofing history and over 95 offices across North America, our team truly understands the needs of every type of commercial property from coast to coast.
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  • 24/7 emergency roof repair service
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  • Roof maintenance
  • Snow monitoring and removal
  • Budget planning assistance
  • Roof safety evaluations and accessories
  • New construction roofing
  • Roof portfolio management programs

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