Commercial Roof Replacement

Is the roof of your commercial building showing signs of wear and tear? A roof replacement may be the right option to help keep your building watertight, protected from the elements and as safe as possible for your customers and employees. If regular repairs and maintenance don't seem to be doing the trick, a reroof is the best way to get your roof back to excellent condition. At CentiMark, we provide customized roof replacement options tailored to your commercial business's unique needs.

Planning Your Commercial Roofing Project

Before beginning a commercial roof replacement, it's critical to understand the following:

  • The current condition of your roof. 
  • External environment and how it impacts your roof. 
  • The needs of your facility, including what is inside the building, budget requirements and how long you plan on keeping your building.
  • Your timeline for the project. 
  • Any safety needs or accessories you are required to have or are interested in.


roofers installing a new roof
commercial roofing crew installing a roof
commercial roofer with TPO membrane roll looking at a camera
African American roofer checking safety equipment

Customizing Your Reroofing Solution

  • Decking  
  • Insulation 
  • Membrane 
  • Installation method
  • Edge details 
  • Rooftop safety and accessories 

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Commercial Roof Replacement Process

What goes into planning a reroofing project? We always start with a thorough inspection of your existing roof installation and your facility's functions. This will allow us to determine the best customized solution for your specific needs. We aim to educate you on the best options for your location and business operations.

infographics showing stages of the reroofing process described on this page
happy crew on the roof
crew installing a flat roof
roofers installing a TPO roof

Once you finalize your roof replacement specifications and cost estimates with us, we will proceed with the installation following the steps below:

  • Purchase order or contract
  • Order your roofing materials
  • Obtain permits 
  • Generate safety plans
  • Material delivery  
  • Construction and completion of your new roof  

What May Affect Your Reroofing Timeline?

Your project timeline may be affected by factors like weather,  material availability, details on the roof and your roof assembly. Depending on your roof's size and complexity, it may take several weeks or months to complete the project.

Roof Replacement and Reroofing Options

Minimal disruption to your regular business operations is at the forefront of every commercial roof replacement project. Additionally, our focus remains on safety, providing unparalleled workmanship and a long-lasting roof. Our experienced and qualified crews provide complete commercial roof replacement and reroofing options for your commercial or industrial facility on all major roof systems.

Commercial Roof Replacement Costs

Repair or reroof? The condition of your existing roof determines the answer. For example, older roofs with multiple active leaks or roofs severely damaged by Acts of God may require a lot in repair and maintenance costs. In those cases, a roof replacement may be necessary and will save you money over time. Commercial roof replacement costs will depend on what type of roof your facility needs, the materials selected, the size and the timeline.

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