Let’s Schedule Your Commercial Roof Inspection!

Severe weather, debris accumulation, vegetation growth and UV exposure can take their toll on commercial roofs. Unfortunately, you may not identify any damage until a professional inspection is completed. By taking proactive measures to keep up with regular maintenance and repairs of your roof system – you can extend its life cycle substantially. Want to get started? Schedule a detailed commercial roof inspection to begin safeguarding your investment.

Why Inspect Your Roof?

A comprehensive roof inspection by a reliable commercial roofing specialist will provide you with all the necessary information regarding the current condition and identify any issues such as roof leaks or clogged drains. Addressing these quickly will prevent minor defects from later snowballing into a considerable expense.

female roofing technician is taking a roof core
commercial roofing techs taking the core during roof inspection
female roof inspector taking a roof core
roofing tech looking at checklist when evaluating commercial roof

How Often Should You Inspect Your Commercial Roof?

We recommend performing roof inspections every six (6) months - in the spring and fall. It is also imperative to assess your roof after severe weather events. Summer storms and hurricanes can be relentless on your facility's roof. Performing a comprehensive roof inspection before and after a significant weather event will simplify the insurance claim process and identify any problems resulting in damage over time.

How to Schedule Your Commercial Roof Inspection with CentiMark?

Simply complete the form below and your dedicated local CentiMark roofing professional will contact you to set up an appointment that fits your operations and schedule.

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What Will the Roof Inspection Cover?

  •  Inspect the interior of the building first and look for evidence of leaks.
  • Check drains, gutters and downspouts to ensure they are free from any buildup or debris.
  •  Ensure flashing around the edge of the roof is in good condition.
  •  Check for any growth of algae or moss.
  • Document roof surface defects, water entry points and damage.
  • Identify necessary safety requirements to remain OSHA compliant and specify actionable solutions to help you uphold these standards and regulations.
thermal image of a roof to determine moisture
female engineer checking a roof report
roofing professionals looking at facility's roof
Anne Serzz with clip board inspecting the roof

After Your Inspection, You Will Receive a Report that Includes

  • A roof condition report
  •  Photographs
  •  Suggested scope of work 
  •  Construction details
  • Associated pricing 

Why Choose CentiMark for Commercial Roof Inspections?

Commercial roof inspections are essential for budget planning. Understanding your roof’s existing condition and knowing what to do to extend the life of your asset is paramount to keeping your commercial building watertight. Why choose us to determine your precise roof condition? With over 55 years of servicing roofs on all types of commercial facilities from coast to coast, we have vast knowledge and experience to do evaluations right. Additionally, we take pride in being trailblazers in the industry, constantly innovating with cutting-edge tools and technologies. From utilizing thermal imaging drones to implementing interactive visualizers and beyond, we empower you with accurate data for every roof within your portfolio. Contact us today and let's get started!

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