Metal Roofing and Services for Industrial & Commercial Buildings

Commercial metal roofing and services provide the ultimate versatility and protection for your industrial and commercial buildings. Correctly installed and maintained, these solutions can last up to 60 years, easily justifying the upfront investment.

What is Metal Roofing?

Metal roofing in North America became popular in the 19th century when the invention of corrugated metals and galvanization in Europe launched a new era in building materials. Before that, some buildings in North America used lead and copper roofing elements.

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Metal Installation Roof
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Metal Roof over a church

Most modern metal roofs are made from corrugated galvanized steel (a steel sheet coated with zinc). Copper, aluminum, stainless steel and tin are also used in commercial metal roof applications. Coatings can be applied to provide additional waterproofing, anti-rust and UV protection.

Benefits of Metal Roofing and Siding



Metal roofs and siding come in various thicknesses and with various finishes that resist regular tear and wear, harsh environments, exhaust and pollutants. 
The longest life span

The longest life span

When installed and maintained correctly, a commercial metal roof can last between 25 and 50 years. In some cases, it is possible to get up to 60 years of excellent performance. Non-combustible, ideal for areas with a high frequency of fires. 
Unparalleled weather resistance

Unparalleled weather resistance

Metal roofs and siding are ready to face heavy rain and snow and will shed both with high efficiency. 
Visual customization

Visual customization

Metal roofs and siding can enhance the look of your facility through custom colors and elements to match your brand. They are ideal for unique profiles and architectural accents.


Simplifies installations and can be used in more applications than heavier roofs.


Properly installed metal roofs and siding may drastically decrease your energy bills due to the presence of additional insulation and a reflective surface. Their durability allows you to keep the same solution for an extended period and recycle the panels once it is time for replacement. In many cases, you can retrofit your existing roof with metal or insulation and a single-ply membrane instead of opting for a complete replacement, keeping the waste out of landfills and stretching your budget further.

Metal Roof Installation Process

The installation of commercial metal roofing and siding is normally fast and straightforward, whether your project is a reroof or retrofit. Metal panels are lightweight and easy to handle, allowing contractors to work efficiently. 

Commercial Metal Roof Repair & Restoration

Staying watertight is paramount for any business. Addressing roof issues as soon as possible allows you to stay ahead of roof leaks and avoid interruptions to your operations. Our experienced crews are just a call away to help you with:
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  • Seams
  • Curbs
  • Fasteners
  • Stacks
  • Installed Roof Penetrations
  • Rust Remediation

We will inspect your roof and identify existing or potential defects to help you develop an overall repair plan, perform required service work and keep roof leaks at bay.

Looking to Restore or Strengthen Your Existing Metal Roof?

We've got the perfect solution. CentiMark's Acrylic Roof Coating is made from a high-quality, aqueous acrylic polymer that cures to form a durable, continuous elastomeric membrane over the surface of your metal roof. It adheres to almost any metal surface to create a seamless, watertight seal around vents, flashings and projections.

Flute Fill Systems for Commercial Facilities

The outstanding durability of metal panels allows many facilities to retrofit their existing roof instead of replacing it. The retrofitting process involves placing insulation panels into the flutes of your metal roof, adding a recovery layer or insulation and then installing a roof membrane. Flute fill retrofit systems allow you to stretch your roofing budget further while decreasing your environmental impact through repurposing and energy efficiency. The main benefits of this method include:

Roofing cost savings

Retrofit eliminates the cost of a tear-off and disposal of your existing roof.

Added insulation

Drastically improves your energy efficiency and the R-value.

Improves moisture resistance

Flute fill allows to insulate any gaps and prevent moisture buildup.

Why Choose CentiMark as Your Commercial Metal Roofing Contractor?

We are committed to providing comprehensive protection for your building, property and personnel. At the heart of every successful roof system lies superior workmanship – a priority we value highly in all our services: from pre-installation inspection to maintenance and repairs. Our teams undergo regular safety training so you can rest assured knowing that each project is completed with compliance to OSHA protocols by seasoned professionals who truly understand commercial roofs. All work is also backed by our Single Source Warranty.

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